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About Us

Our Story

Led by Shirley Perkins, a small group founded Dummerston Cares in 2005.  Major programs and services in its first years included establishment of an emergency telephone service, Helpline, an emergency fuel fund, and social and information luncheons at the Community Center. In spring 2016, when Shirley moved from Dummerston, there was need for fresh energy and direction for Dummerston Cares.  With help from the Congregational Church and Transition Dummerston, Dummerston Cares reorganized, non-profit and IRS tax exemption status were secured, bylaws were prepared and a board was formed. Dummerston Cares is now an all-volunteer organization led by a volunteer board.

The Board of Directors (currently with eight members and one vacancy) is responsible for the overall budget and administration of Cares programs and services.  The day-to-day operation of each service is delegated to a Board-appointed manager/coordinator, who may or may not be a Board Member.

In September of each year an Annual Meeting will be held, open to the public and press, to report on Board activities and program execution for the previous year and to hear and discuss new proposals.

Sources of Support

Dummerston Cares Inc. receives financial support from Dummerston residents through allocations voted at Town Meeting, grants from Dummerston Community Chest and individual tax-deductible donations.  The possibility of obtaining grants or allocations from other sources will be pursued as warranted by future planning.

Board of Directors

Bill Schmidt, President

Akara Draper, Vice President

Pam McFadden

Susan Daigler, Treasurer

Heidi Fischer

Rev. Shawn Bracebridge

Cindy Levine

Catie Berg



Dummerston Cares Inc. and its officers, Board, volunteers, agents and employees shall not discriminate against any person based upon their race, color, ethnicity, religion, creed, gender or sexual orientation.