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Helping Hands for Our Neighbors

Mission Statement

The mission of Dummerston Cares is to strengthen the Dummerston Community through support of all residents with health and other wellness needs, through services, programs and resources of its own and those of related local, regional and state organizations and agencies.

Cares for Dummerston Cares means compassionate, thoughtful and kind attention to another through action in support of those with health and related wellness needs. Cares is providing “helping hands for our neighbors”.


Aging Well Panel Discussion

End-of-Life Planning Program

Please View Calendar for ongoing events by Dummerston Cares and partner organizations.

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Thanks for the prompt and wonderful service to my neighbor with (delivery) of a hospital bed and wheel chair. She and her husband are very grateful. Cares will have a great fan in them.


Thanks for all of your help in moving some furniture out of my garage. Now I can put my car in the garage this winter. It really helps when you can’t do some things for yourself any more.


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