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Helping Hands for Our Neighbors

Mission Statement

The mission of Dummerston Cares is to strengthen the Dummerston Community through support of all residents with health and other wellness needs, through services, programs and resources of its own and those of related local, regional and state organizations and agencies.

Cares for Dummerston Cares means compassionate, thoughtful and kind attention to another through action in support of those with health and related wellness needs. Cares is providing “helping hands for our neighbors”.

Emergency Fuel Fund

With winter upon us, Dummerston Cares would like to remind residents that those in need may apply for emergency assistance in purchasing fuel for winter heating or for free firewood through the Congregational Church Wood Pantry.  Qualified applicants may be assisted directly or referred to SEVCA or a State of Vermont agency.  Please contact our Message Line for more information.


Thanks for the prompt and wonderful service to my neighbor with (delivery) of a hospital bed and wheel chair. She and her husband are very grateful. Cares will have a great fan in them.


Thanks for all of your help in moving some furniture out of my garage. Now I can put my car in the garage this winter. It really helps when you can’t do some things for yourself any more.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm winter clothing for my daughter. The jacket was absolutely beautiful and you would have like to see the smile on her face when she tried everything on :). Thank you.  

"Keeping Dummerston Kids Warm" Recipient Family

Thank goodness for your (medical equipment loan) program. We are so grateful for the assistance. Having to purchase these things knowing that we would need them  only temporarily would have been a big financial burden. We appreciate your help

Medical Equipment Loan Recipient