Message Line: (802)257-5800

How You Can Help


Dummerston Cares Inc. receives financial support from Dummerston residents through allocations voted at Town Meeting, grants from Dummerston Community Chest, and individual tax-deductible donations. The possibility of obtaining grants or allocations from other sources will be pursued as warranted by future planning.  Personal donations to Dummerston Cares are welcome and appreciated, and may be made through by mailing a check to:  Dummerston Cares, Inc., PO Box 302, West Dummerston, VT  05357


The implementation of all programs and services depends entirely on volunteers from the community.  We have ongoing need for volunteers in any capacity, from assisting with to leadership and coordination of new and existing programs and services.   Students seeking community service credit are especially welcome.  Anyone who would like to volunteer to help in any way, should call the Helpline or talk with a member of the Board of Directors.

One thing becoming increasingly clear in Cares programs is that volunteers who help and support others in some way benefit as much from what they give as do those they serve.

Friends of Dummerston Cares

A Dummerston Cares Friends group has been formed, consisting of volunteers, donors, and others who support Cares in a variety of ways.  There are now over 200 Friends!  This number will increase as Cares reaches and serves more and more people in town.  Friends assists the Cares board by helping us connect with people who can benefit from our programs and services, assistance in developing and carrying out new programs with volunteers and in providing financial aid when needed.  If you want to be a Friend of Dummerston Cares, speak to a board member or call the Cares Helpline.