Message Line: (802)257-5800

The School District’s Summer Food Program begins June 21. Cares needs volunteers to help with the delivery of daily (M-F) breakfasts and lunches to Dummerston school kids. One or two volunteers a day can handle it. Food boxes are delivered between 10:30 and 11:00 to the Dummerston Center parking area next to the church. From 11 to 11:30 parents come to pick up the meals for their children. The  food boxes are then returned to the high school and any remaining meals are taken to Groundworks in Brattleboro  if there is no local need for them.

Volunteers  take responsibility for a day through all or part of the summer  or substitute for regular daily volunteers when they  can’t make it.

This is the second year for this program. Last year, Cares volunteers helped distribute 747 meals to Dummerston children, For the school district as a whole, over 17,000 meals were distributed. As Ali West, the program’s principal organizer, said, “that’s a heck of a lot of meals for kids who need them.”

To volunteer or get more information on the program, call the Cares Message Line (257-5800) or email Cares at:, and a  Cares board member will get back to you.