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As we’re learning, COVID’s very contagious Delta variant is increasing both exposure and infection in our region. As of August 26, Windham County had reported 1,544 cases of COVID and 16 deaths.

With the health and well-being of children in mind, the administrative team of the Windham Southeast School District recently met to discuss how best to deal with COVID in the upcoming school year.

Dummerston School’s principal, Julianne Eagan, reported, “There was strong agreement at the meeting that we should be extra cautious at the start of the school year as we navigate changing circumstances brought on by the Delta variant.” The district decided, “We are postponing any school-wide events, other than those associated with sports. At the end of September, we’ll re-evaluate these strategies based on current conditions.”

This said, commented Julianne, “I think this decision necessitates postponing the event (End-of-Summer Party planned for September 12).” Julianne further observed that, “…there definitely is a level of concern among school and community members that would affect attendance as well as participants’ enjoyment of the event and the experience as a whole.”

In light of the administrative team’s decision on school-wide events, Dummerston Cares is regrettably postponing to a future time the party originally planned for September 12. THERE WILL BE NO PARTY ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS ON SEPTEMBER 12.

Dummerston Cares looks forward to hosting a town-wide party next spring or summer when, hopefully, COVID’S presence and infection rate have significantly diminished, if not disappeared.

The need to cancel the End-of-Summer Party is a strong reminder that everyone in Dummerston must do all we can to contain COVID and its Delta variant. This includes vaccinations of those who are not yet vaccinated, booster vaccinations for those who have been vaccinated, and following preventative procedures—including the wearing of masks, as directed by the Vermont Department of Health. What we do to keep ourselves well and healthy also keeps our community well and healthy.

Best wishes,
Bill Schmidt, President
Board of Dummerston Cares